01 Aug

There are many ways to spruce things up in your home in terms of its look and function. Plantation shutters are the perfect way to achieve these things. Any house will look more appealing and functional with these fixtures. They can even add more value to your home. Once you do, you can increase your resale price in the future.

You should get a close look at how plantation shutters work by learning more about how each of their parts works. With proper knowledge, you know which type works for you. Moreover, you can maintain your shutters and put them to good use when you know their type and the parts that help them function.

There are basically two types of plantation shutters today: the traditional and the modern shutters. From the name itself, traditional plantation shutters offer you a simple design. These fixtures come with full-length vertical panels that you can further divide into four parts. You call the horizontal slats on the bottom and top of the shutters as rails. Some shutters give you more horizontal rails than one at the center of the fixture. This center helps divide and separate the shutters into tiers. If you look at the sides of your shutter, you will see vertical stiles.

You will find louvers or parallel slats between the stiles. This part is what you use to adjust and tilt your plantation shutters to allow less or more light to come to your room. You can find louvers in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can see more here about window shutters or for the best installation tips, click here! 

What controls the movement of the louvers is the mechanism you call the tilt rod. You can select from a range of styles in terms of your tilt rod. For single tilt rods, what you get is a continuous vertical rod that controls and connects all of your louvers in a simultaneous manner. A split tilt rod, on the other hand, is split into different pieces. This kind of rod can provide separate control of the various tiers you find from one panel of your shutter. For instance, you can close the lower tier’s louver if you want some privacy while adjusting the top tier to let more light inside. If you want to conceal your apparatus behind the panel of your shutter, you can use a hidden tilt rod.

Plantation shutters have been used in many homes for many centuries. Before glass windows were available, plantation shutters protect the home from outside elements like direct heat, wind, and rain. They were also used to effectively close the house or building from small animals or insects that go inside. The real beauty of plantation shutters is seeing the outside world in a clear and crisp view while allowing the cool breeze and fresh sunlight to come in. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.ehow.com/how_5707594_remove-plantation-shutters.html.

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